Wash and Wax Detail

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Many clients take advantage of our Wash n Wax Detail monthly or bimonthly to maintain that detailed look.

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Wash and Wax Detail

What to Expect
What can you expect at In Great Detail with our Wash and Wax Detail….well nothing but the best! Your car will get a fabulous detail in less time and for less cost! First, we remove all bugs and tar. Expert auto detailers clean the wheels/wells, rotate, then clean again. Then the vehicle’s exterior is steam cleaned and car wash by hand. We apply a light coat of spray wax. We then dry the car with microfiber cloths and compressed air for a spotless finish. Additionally, we apply a hand rubbed coat of finest quality carnauba wax (or synthetic paint sealant at no additional charge).  Next, the tires are cleaning and dressed for shine. Furthermore, the interior of your car is vacuumed thoroughly. Also, detailers clean all the glass on the interior and exterior- smudge-free! Finally for that final touch, our expert details five it a final inspection.

*Customers can add $49.95 for a ceramic windshield treatment.
*prices subject to change depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

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In Great Detail Car Detail


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