You remember the feeling. When you drive your new car off the dealer’s lot for the first time and you make a promise to yourself to always keep great care of it.

Everyone wants their car to look just like it did the day they drove it off the lot but your self-cleaning efforts from the dirt under your shoes and the small scratches that begin to add up can unfortunately only go so far.

On the go your car battles with dust, dirt, grime and damaged roads and even while just parked in your driveway your automobile is still victim of acid rain, bird droppings and UV exposure

You go to your local car wash every once in awhile when its convenient to your busy schedule but just one week later it looks as if you never had gone.

Automatic car washes may give you a cool drive-in show but the reality of its results lie in the damage to your car’s paint and the terrible chemicals that actually end up damaging the surface of your car.

If even your local car wash damages the exterior of your automobile… then how do you keep your car clean in the long run?

You hear about it every time you go to get your car washed or detail, but should you really get ceramic coatings on your car?

Simply put, yes.

You have probably seen the videos of water trickling off a car and mud sliding right off the hood but why should you invest in Ceramic Pro coating for your car?

With In Great Detail’s Ceramic Pro Coating, you can make sure your car stays in perfect condition wherever you go and with whatever you drive.

What is Ceramic Pro Coating?

Using nanotechnology, ceramic coating utilizes microscopic, tiny particles that essentially act as a thin, transparent layer that covers the surface of your car.

Like your skin, a car has “pores” that can be filled with ceramic coating which in turn makes it very hydrophobic.

In addition to being water-repellent, ceramic coating can resist UV radiation as well as scratches, extremely hot weather, chemicals and even graffiti. Ceramic Pro encapsulates pollen, dust and dirt, therefore creating a self-cleaning effect and reduces the oxidation effect from UV rays interacting with the car’s surface.

Essentially, ceramic coating ensures the surface of your car stays in perfect condition, making sure environmental contaminants (i.e. bird droppings, sap, acid rain) won’t get through to your car’s finish

Ceramic coating can even help on those snowy days when the snow turns to a rock hard ice that sticks to the surface of your car when you go to work in the morning.

The semi-permanent surface that the ceramic coating provides makes sure the water doesn’t stick to the surface at all, making the accumulation of ice on any car virtually impossible.

Where can I get Ceramic Pro Coating?

With In Great Detail’s auto detailing in West Chester, PA, you can take the best care of your car with Ceramic Pro.

We make sure to provide excellent paint correction to ensure the coated surfaces look perfect before they are sealed with Ceramic Pro.

IGD’s Ceramic Pro 9h coating is a sacrificial barrier between your car and the elements that surround your car. Our Ceramic Pro 9h ceramic coating is 3-4X stronger than typical automotive finishes when you get your car detailed.

At In Great Detail, Ceramic Pro is available in many different packages ranging from a 6 month warrantied package to a lifetime warranty.

As Chester County’s leading auto detailing company with over 30+ years of service, you can be confident we can answer all of your questions and provide the absolute best quality and service for you and your vehicle.