There are scores of companies making various claims in the paint protection film industry, here are the facts from the company that started it all.

  • We put our customers first – always have, always will.
  • We make our own film and the materials in it.
  • Quality is what we do.
  • A warranty backed by the strength and trust of a
  • 100-year-old company and brand.

Albert Einstein. Nikola Tesla. Henry Ford. 3M.

All innovators. All inventors. All patent holders. In fact, 3M holds over 100,000 patents and we invented paint protection film over 50 years ago and actually created the PPF category in the automotive segment. We continue to lead the market forward, setting the industry standard with our newest version of Pro Series Paint Protection Film.

3M Window Tint is also available for residential projects.  Call us for details. 610-431-6210.


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